Fog & Trains Don’t Mix

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Fog and trains don’t mix when it comes to railway crossings and vehicles of any size.

Fog related accidents usually result in head-on and rear-end collisions, two of the most common fog related incidents. A recent study showed that more instances of fog related crashes occurred in the early morning hours from December to February. reports that annual averages are 31,385 crashes resulting in 511 deaths. Read more fog related facts in this article by The Weather Channel

This rig ran amiss of a freight train in the fog and became of many like incidents that occur across the country in poor driving conditions.

Fortunately the driver was not injured and Big Rig Towing was able to use their 75-ton Rotator to clear the wreckage and get the train on its way and the driver to safety.

Train Wreck

Train WreckWhen talking about a collision between a train and a big rig it’s never good. Big Rig Towing was called to the scene of this encounter which required not only the recovery of the rig but extensive clean up after the rigs contents were strewn for half a kilometer down the track.



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