Flip This House

This recovery was a little different than most.

When half a house comes off the back of a rig it could be a recipe for disaster. Fortunately no one was living in the house at the time of this accident and the half a home ended up in the ditch not on top of a following car.

That did not make the recovery any easier as the structure had to be tilted upright and then craned back onto a flat deck for transport.

Lucky for the owners Big Rig Towing trains specifically for these odd scenarios and was ready with the equipment needed to do the job.

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Training Days

At Big Rig Towing going about out daily business just isn’t enough. Updating equipment and the constant training to use that equipment is what makes out team the best.

Many accident and towing scenarios can occur on our streets and highways and we like to think we are prepared for all of them. With that in mind our team spends many day of the year rehearsing for these incidents.

When Big Rig Towing shows up at an accident or any kind of event that requires expert towing help we already understand what is needed to handle the problem safely and quickly.

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