photo 1How many trucks get stuck in the ditch every year because they failed to negotiate a corner correctly or under estimate the steepness of the curb?

That would be an interesting statistic. I would think that cornering and knowing your environment would be the most important part of a big rig driving test. Surely you need to be able to know these things to get hired to drive one of these big trucks.

This flat bed was transporting a farm sprayer when it pulled over to let a car pass. A couple more inches and this would have been a roll over

Big Rig Towing pulls its fair share of hapless rigs and their helpless cargo from many a ditch in southern Alberta.

The only good thing about so much practice is you got to get good at something you do so often.

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How many times have you gone around a corner without incident? Thousands, right? It’s that one time you lose concentration that gets you.

This 130000 lb scraper unit was on its way to a road wash out on highway 22 south of Longview. After recent flooding in Alberta this road needed leveling and grading and was counting on the scraper to help out.

Fortunately this was no roll over and Big Rig Towing had them out of the ditch and on their way unscathed and ready to work.

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Missed it By That Much

During the recent flooding in Alberta, many bridges and water structures were affected by the raging torrents.

On its way to repair a damaged bridge in High River the driver of this unit took  this corner too tight and the rear end dropped off the steep road side.

Big Rig Towing used the rotator to lift the back of the trailer while the truck and a grader pulled the unit forward out of the ditch.

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