Off Ramp Rollover

Many times weather and to much speed are the main elements that cause accidents. In this case watch while a rig with just enough speed coupled with inclement weather loses control on an off ramp and hits the ditch.

Big Rig Rollover

Big Rig Towing & Community Events

Big Rig Towing has always been involved with the community and whenever possible they are always on hand to put on a great demonstration of how to rescue an overturned rig and really show what the seventy five-ton rotator rig can do

This event at the First Alliance Church in Calgary was raising money for the Sherwood School Breakfast Program and Camp Chestermere both benefitting from the generous support at this event.


Video footage courtesy of Doug Gilchrist

Hay Baled

You can never emphasize enough what can happen when you combine too much speed with a tight corner. This 6000 lb load of hay really took a tumble after trying to take a corner with too much speed. Fortunately no one was injured but that is not always the case.

This took more than a tow and a couple of repairs to clean up.

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