Armored Truck Rollover

It doesn’t matter how great a driver you are or what the weather conditions are. In life, accidents happen.

In the images below we revisit this armored truck flip-over. It took more than a typical tow truck to right it, especially due to the accident location and the surrounding traffic. These vehicles can top out at 55,000 lbs, that’s over 27 tons! Only a heavy duty tow truck like the ones used by Big Rig Towing can do the job.

Fortunately no one was injured and our well-organized and competent team rescued the armored truck safely and quickly.

If you find yourself in a desperate situation give Big Rig Towing a shout at 1 (866) 398-7444 for immediate service! 



You’d be surprised what we can tow!

Towing is the process of coupling one object to another, so that one can be pulled along behind the other. The towing source (lead object) is usually a truck or other motorized land vehicle. The coupling may consist of a chain, rope, bar, integrated platform, or some other means of keeping the two objects together while in motion. – Wikipedia

Big Rig Towing often has to make use of its 75-ton rotator to lift overturned trailers and many other heavy objects related to rig accidents. So that being said, not just cars and trucks can be towed, but almost anything that will move can be towed.

Remember though, that not all vehicles are made to tow and the safety considerations of properly towing another vehicle or object cannot be understated. When in doubt, hire a professional.

Big Rig Towing for 24/7 emergency service 7 days a week. Call 866-398-7444.

Top 7 reasons to call Big Rig Towing

Big Rig Towing doesn’t tow cars, but if it’s a big rig, truck or something that’s heavy enough to need a crane, we can get the job done! We make hundreds of rescues and recoveries every year and while they all present individual challenges they are all resolved at the end of the day.

 Big Rig Towing & Recovery:
  1. Is your #1 source for heavy duty recoveries as they are the only towing company in Alberta with two tri-drive wreckers specifically designed for rollover & recovery work
  2. Has added the province’s only 75-ton sliding rotator to their fleet for extra challenging wrecks
  3. Has a modern, state-of-the-art, fully equipped air cushion recovery unit to complement the wreckers for up-righting rolled over tractor trailer units
  4. Has replacement tractors to tow your trailers loaded or empty should the need arise
  5. Operators have a minimum 18 years experience in the heavy duty towing and recovery industry
  6. Operators have Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification and have completed our four-step training program
  7. Trucks are Alberta Safety Certified

Remember that not all vehicles are made to tow and the safety considerations for properly towing another vehicle or object cannot be understated. Our professionally trained drivers and fleet of trucks are fully equipped to handle any towing situation.

24 Hour Emergency Service 7 Days a Week. Call 866-398-7444 for immediate service!

Big Rig Towing Professional

Big Rig Towing to the rescue 24/7

If you’ve inadvertently ended up off the hardtop and are carrying a heavy load, you’re likely in trouble!

Spring snow and rain can make roadsides and fields soft and wet, turning them into mud traps. If your rig gets stuck in the mud, it can be a real hair puller to get it “unstuck”.

Mud likes to suck in and trap axles from forward or backward movement. When you spin the tires in an attempt to free them, they will only sink the truck further and deeper into the mud and make the situation worse. You can try to dig some mud from the front end of the leading wheels and then nudge the rig forward slowly until you gain solid ground, but if that fails you can save yourself a whole lot of effort and back pain by contacting the professionals. Big Rig Towing is available 24/7 to come to the rescue.

In the image below this trailer slid off the road loaded with a 40,000 lb packer. Big Rig lifted both the machine and the trailer, placed them back on the road, and got them back on their way safely and quickly.

If you find yourself in a desperate situation give us a shout at 1 (866) 398-7444 for immediate service! 

Celebrating 25 YEARS in Business

Here at Big Rig Towing & Recovery we’ve just closed off our 25th year.

We have always been committed to providing superior service at competitive rates, delivered by fully trained, professional technicians with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our service policy is one that places the interests of our customers first and foremost. We are extremely grateful to all our past & current customers and thank you for trusting us with your business.

We look forward to serving Alberta and the surrounding area for another 25 years!