Owners/Operators Towing Rights

Did you know that if your car breaks down or if you have a flat tire let’s say on the side of an intercity highway, as long as it is a non-investigative incident, and no inspection or safety examination are required post-collision, you can call your proffered towing company and do not have to accept a tow from the first responding company on site.

Big Rig Towing posed the question to the City last month to find out what the policy was on this towing question. Turns out you can call any towing company your prefer.

See the City minutes. (3) Towing Policy (Councillor Carra)

(3) Towing Policy (Councillor Carra) »

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Big Rig Towing gets High Marks

BigRig Towing gets high marks for their help in first responders training according to an article by by Megan Hooge.



photo 4A tow truck rotator is essentially a big crane mounted to the deck of the tow truck and can be used for everything from lifting heavy machinery fallen from rigs that have flipped over or for removing a load from a rig that needs less weight so it can be towed. It can also lift heavy equipment from one place to another to assist in getting cargo off one rig onto another.

Big Rig Towing has a number of rotator tow trucks and they are constantly in use. Especially once the weather gets cold the highways become more treacherous. An expert rotator operator can make all the difference in getting your towing situation resolved quickly and safely.

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