Big Rig Rollover Rescue

It’s a common sight on highways across the country – a big rig stuck in the ditch after failing to negotiate a corner correctly or underestimating the steepness of a curb. But just how many trucks end up in this predicament every year?

According to industry estimates, thousands of trucks get stuck in ditches or other obstacles each year due to poor driving practices. In many cases, the driver simply misjudges the turn, leading to the truck tipping over or getting stuck in a ditch.

This is why cornering and knowing your environment are critical skills for anyone driving a big rig. While it’s true that truck drivers are required to pass a driving test and obtain a commercial driver’s license, it’s important to remember that driving a big rig is not the same as driving a standard passenger vehicle.

In addition to the standard driving test, big rig drivers also need to undergo specialized training on issues such as cornering, load shifting, and driving in adverse weather conditions. By doing so, they can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure that their cargo is delivered safely and on time.

While it’s difficult to know exactly how many trucks end up in ditches each year due to poor driving practices, it’s clear that this is a common problem on highways across the country. By focusing on cornering and other critical driving skills, truck drivers can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently at all times.

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