Air Cushion Recovery Benefits

Air Bag RescueWhen it comes to towing heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and equipment, there are significant differences compared to towing smaller vehicles like cars, trucks, or SUVs. These types of heavy-duty vehicles require specialized equipment and expertise to ensure a safe and efficient recovery process. That’s why Big Rig Towing offers the option of air cushion recovery, a modern and state-of-the-art solution for up-righting rolled over trucks and trailer units. Air cushion recovery is a highly effective and safe solution for up-righting rolled over heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

How does air cushion recovery work? Large inflatable air cushions are strategically placed under the overturned side of the heavy-duty truck or trailer. An air compressor is then used to gradually pump up the cushions, which allows the vehicle to be slowly lifted off the ground. This enables a crane to lift it into its upright position, ready for transport.

Air cushion recovery offers a range of benefits compared to traditional recovery methods. One of the main advantages is that it can be completed in a much shorter amount of time. This is due to the fact that air cushions can be inflated quickly and easily, reducing the overall recovery time.

Another benefit of air cushion recovery is that it eliminates the need for removing your cargo before lifting the truck. This is because the cushions are placed strategically under the overturned side of the vehicle, allowing it to be lifted without causing damage to the cargo. This is especially important when dealing with hazardous materials or fragile cargo.

Air cushion recovery also allows for vehicle removal in tight corners or in areas where uneven topography makes heavy-duty recovery impossible. This is because the cushions can be placed in a variety of positions, allowing for a more controlled and balanced lift.

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Not all Big Rig Towing jobs are the recovery of crashed/stuck rigs

Big rig towing encompasses a wide range of services beyond just recovering crashed or stuck rigs. While recovering vehicles from accidents or challenging situations is a significant part of the job, there are various other situations and services that Big Rig Towing & Recovery is involved in. The varied services listed below highlight the diverse roles that Big Rig Towing & Recovery plays in supporting the transportation industry and ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the roadways. In some cases, Big Rig Towing & Recovery engages in:

  • Vehicle Relocation: move vehicles that are not in operational condition. This could be due to mechanical failures, non-roadworthy conditions, or other reasons.
  • Specialized Equipment Transport: tasked with transporting specialized equipment or oversized loads that require special handling and permits.
  • Long-Distance Towing: hired to tow big rigs over long distances. This is common for truckers who face breakdowns far from their home base or destination.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: provide roadside assistance to big rigs facing minor issues like flat tires, dead batteries, or fuel shortages. They may also provide basic repairs on-site.
  • Vehicle Recovery: while different from recovering crashed vehicles, this involves recovering vehicles that have gone off the road or into a ditch without significant damage.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Removal: remove abandoned vehicles from private or public property.
  • Winching Services: involves using a winch to pull a vehicle out of a difficult situation, such as mud, snow, or water.
  • Accident Clean-Up: after an accident, towing services may be responsible for cleaning up debris and spilled fluids from the roadway.

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The Power of Teamwork When Firefighters & Towing Companies Unite

At the heart of every emergency, heroes emerge from different walks of life, working in harmony to save lives and restore order. Firefighters and towing companies often find themselves on the same battlefield, collaborating to rescue accident victims in situations involving heavy equipment or big rigs.

In these critical moments, seamless teamwork is paramount. Firefighters combat flames and attend to the injured, while towing companies like Big Rig Towing & Recovery provide the vital heavy lifting solutions needed to free those trapped beneath massive trailers, cabs, or machinery.

Our dedicated team at Big Rig Towing understands the urgency of these situations. With just one call to 1 (866) 398-7444, you can count on our swift response and minimal setup time. Our experienced drivers and operators are always ready, whether it’s under the scorching sun, torrential rain, or icy sleet.

Remember, in times of crisis, it’s the power of teamwork that can make all the difference. We’re here to support you when you need it most. We’ll ensure that help arrives promptly, and together with firefighters, we’ll work tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Recently Big Rig Towing teamed up with the local fire department to rescue the driver from the rig in the images below.

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