Air cushion recovery offers a range of benefits compared to traditional recovery methods

When it comes to towing heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and equipment, there’s a world of difference compared to smaller vehicles like cars or SUVs. Handling these hefty machines demands specialized equipment and expertise for a safe recovery. That’s where Big Rig Towing & Recovery steps in, offering air cushion recovery—a cutting-edge solution for uprighting overturned trucks and trailers.

So, how does air cushion recovery work? It’s simple yet ingenious. We position large inflatable air cushions beneath the overturned heavy-duty vehicle. Using an air compressor, we gradually inflate the cushions, lifting the vehicle off the ground. Once airborne, a crane can swiftly bring it back to its upright position, ready for transport.

This method boasts several advantages over traditional recovery techniques. Firstly, it’s speedy. Air cushions inflate rapidly, slashing overall recovery time. Plus, there’s no need to unload cargo beforehand. The strategically placed cushions ensure the cargo remains undamaged during the lift, even if it’s hazardous or delicate.

Moreover, air cushion recovery excels in tricky situations. It can navigate tight corners and uneven terrain where traditional methods falter.

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