How to Crane a Crane

Big Rig Towing CranesWhat do you do when your crane gets blown over? Get more cranes of course.
Big Rig Towing used two of their biggest cranes to right this one when it was blown over in recent high winds.
The job was a little tricker than it looked but Big Rig takes great pains to update and train their operators for just this type of situation.
Stay tuned to watch some of Big Rigs training courses coming to YouTube next month.


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Rollin Out The Feedbags

Feed truck roll overNo matter what your hauling when it’s over it’s over. This rig hauling feed took a turn just a bit to fast and ended up on it’s side.
The crew at Big Rig Towing did double shift to clear the feed from the trailer so they could get it back on its feet.

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Omelet Anyone?

Rig Loses it's EggsYou’ve heard the old saying that to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs? Well this may have taken that old adage a bit too far.

Big Rig Towing was called out to recover this rig after it took a corner to sharply and rolled over spilling its cargo of eggs into the ditch.

Thankfully no one was injured just a few hundred dozen broken eggs.


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