Flammable Recovery

Big Rig Towng Tanker ResqueWhen dealing with something big and flammable you want to make sure that all parties involved are pros. Big Rig Towing along with Fire crews and police had to be very careful in recovering this tanker full of flammable fluid. Every precaution was taken in getting the job done right while managing the busy highway that surrounded the scene.

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Don’t Upset the Apple Cart

Don't Upset the Apple CartThis may not look like much more than a simple roll over but this rig was carrying thousands of fresh apples when it went off the road and tipped over.

Big Rig Towing up righted the tractor and trailer using airbags and heavy cranes but this load got more than its ego bruised in the process.

Looks like someone better make a couple of thousand apple pies in a hurry.

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