Two Kenworths for Sale

One of 2 available 2006 Kenworth T800, 373,845 original miles, C13 Cat, 430 HP, RTLO16913 13 speed, 40000lb full locking rears, new Alberta CVIP, double steel frame, long wheel base, heavy front axle, ideal for a wrecker, crane, tank, etc.

Delivery available anywhere in North America.

Please call 403-651-5556

Thank you

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A Blast From The Past

Calgary Floods RescueThis week we are bringing some images of rescues from the past. There is always a picture for every tow and every picture tells a story.

Big Rig Towing prides its self on its record for recovery and safety.

Big Rig Towing. Problem Solved.




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A Cat Gets Tipsy

You can never be too careful when using heavy machinery in unfamiliar or rugged terrain. This excavator took a tumble in an out of the way location but we solved the issue with our seventy five ton rotator and got it back up on it’s feet and back on the job.

Big Rig Towing can do more than just tow your distressed rig or heavy equipment we can also so heavy lifting and moving.

Give us a call to see if we can help move your heavy equipment.

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