Big Rig Moves Shipping Containers

Big Rig Towing can do more than just tow Rigs.

Over the years big rig towing has moved many different objects that require a large flat deck and heavy duty equipment.

This time it’s a Container Housing Unit.

A Containerized Housing Unit, usually abbreviated as CHU (and sometimes called Containerized Living Unit or CLU) is the name given to an ISO shipping containers. These containers are  pre-fabricated into a living quarters and can be used any where from construction sites to school yards.

This time the housing unit was being moved from one job site to another but Big Rig has moved similar housing units in the past when we re-located student portables for a Calgary School district.

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Big Rig Towing Calgary Portable Re-location

High Wind Rig Rollover

Big Rig Towing Wind Blown Roll OverHigh Winds Capsize Big Rig Trailer

There are not very many places on earth where 120 kilometre wind gusts are common. Southern Alberta is one of those places.

When Chinook winds decide to blow the broad side of a big rig is nothing but a big sail and wind related roll overs are a common occurrence.

Big Rig Towing was able to right this rig and get it to repair.

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Big Rig Towing International LT625

Big Rig Towing’s new International Model with a NRC Quick Swap

This is the perfect combination of towing strength and efficiency. A great addition to Big Rig’s Fleet.

Stay tuned to our blog to see this new rig in action.