Blast from the Past

Big Rig Towing prides itself on its record for recovery and safety. This week we’re featuring some images of rescues from the past. There is always a picture or two for every tow and every picture tells a story.

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Miracle that there were only minor injuries

In the middle of these two tractor trailers is a Dodge Ram pickup truck. 

Initially one truck side-swiped another causing it to hit a passenger vehicle. Other traffic stopped to act as traffic control and to advise oncoming drivers of the accident. They had a vehicle parked some distance from the original scene. A third tractor trailer travelling at a high rate of speed, hit not only the Dodge Ram parked off the side of the road, but the three vehicles in the original accident. You can see the end result. Unbelievably and thankfully there were only minor injuries.

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Be proactive & take note of Big Rig’s toll free number

It’s only a matter of time before winter rolls in to stay for awhile and as Canadians we all know that winter weather can be a challenge to negotiate out on the highway.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to see where the road ends and the ditch begins. Add blowing snow to the mix and the situation can get pretty sketchy in a split second. Under extreme conditions it is a testament to the drivers of big rigs that more don’t end up in the ditch.

When temperatures go below -30 ending up in the ditch, whether its day or night, presents a whole new set of problems. Not just for the driver of the rig, but for the tow truck operators as well. Keeping warm and safe while working with thousands of pounds of frozen steel is a difficult process. Because the human body is mostly made up of water and we know that water freezes at -32C, getting stuck in the ditch on a -40 night becomes more of a rescue than a tow.

The temperatures haven’t dipped that low yet, but why not be proactive and take note of Big Rig’s toll free number (866) 398-7444. Anywhere, any time, we’re available 24/7 to service all of your heavy duty towing and recovery requirements.