8 good reasons to call Big Rig Towing & Recovery

Being stranded and needing a tow is never fun, but calling the professionals will definitely ease the stress.

Big Rig Towing doesn’t tow cars, but if it’s a big rig, truck, bus, RV, or something that’s heavy enough to need a crane, we can get the job done! We make hundreds of rescues and recoveries every year and while they all present individual challenges they are all resolved at the end of the day.

Remember that not all vehicles are made to tow and the safety considerations of properly towing another vehicle or object cannot be understated. Our professionally trained drivers and fleet of trucks are fully equipped to handle any towing situation.

Big Rig Towing & Recovery:

  1. Is your #1 source for heavy duty recoveries as they are the only towing company in Alberta with two tri-drive wreckers specifically designed for rollover & recovery work
  2. Has a modern, state of the art, fully equipped air cushion recovery unit to complement the wreckers for up-righting rolled over tractor trailer units
  3. Has the province’s only 75-ton sliding rotator to accommodate those extra challenging wrecks
  4. Has replacement tractors to tow your trailers loaded or empty should the need arise
  5. Operators have a minimum 18 years experience in the heavy duty towing and recovery industry
  6. Operators have Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification and have completed our four-step training program
  7. Trucks are Alberta Safety Certified
  8.  Is fully insured, including cargo and garage liability insurance for customer-owned vehicles, for our customers’ protection and peace of mind
24 Hour Emergency Service 7 Days a Week. When in doubt, hire a professional. Call 866-398-7444 for immediate service!

Special Olympics Demo

Big Rig Towing & Recovery was recently invited to participate in a fundraising event for the Calgary Special Olympics. In the images below, we demonstrated how to right a tanker rollover.

If you’d like to make a donation to help the Special Olympics team provide the programs, training and resources required by their athletes, coaches, and volunteers click here https://www.specialolympicscalgary.ca/get-involved/donate.html


75-ton rotator to the rescue!

Big Rig to the rescue when this forklift tried to make an escape through the floor of this trailer! We were called to bring our 75-ton rotator to the scene. After making an adjustment to the roof of the trailer, the rotator made quick work of getting the forklift out and back to work.

Moving heavy equipment is a job for the professionals. When they say don’t try this at home, they mean don’t try this at all if you don’t know what you’re doing!

We are licensed and insured so rest assured that while your rig is in our control it is covered by the most comprehensive insurance available to our industry. 

24 Hour Service 7 Days a Week for all your Big Rig Towing needs. Call 866-398-7444 for immediate service.