Harvest 1 – Combine 0

It doesn’t matter how many improvements you make to machines there is always going to be something. You can improve functionality you can include air and wifi and bluetooth but one thing you really can never foresee is how that equipment will deal with mother nature.

This beautiful new combine forgot that it could still get stuck in the mud.

Big Rig Towing got her out and back in the field in no time.

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More Than Just a Tow

You have to be able to do more than just tow rigs. This rollover needed expert clean up and a knowledge of chemicals on board so the tanker could be drained for transport.

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Burn Out

At Big Rig Towing we aren’t always called out to rescue some rig that has gotten stuck in the snow or a ditch in rough weather. It’s not always an accident where wreckage is strewn all over and there is a broken rig that needs righting or towing.

Sometimes it’s just a large piece of equipment that has met it’s end to soon. Like this big excavator that just got burned out at the job.

We just picked it up and took it to be scrapped.

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