Being stranded on the shoulder of the road can be extremely dangerous

In the event of a breakdown, the stress can be overwhelming. Particularly on busy highways, or in the dark of night, it’s crucial to seek safety in an emergency lane or onto the hard shoulder. However, even this can pose risks, with fast-moving traffic creating hazards.

When stranded, prioritize safety by pulling over as far to the right as possible. Remaining in your rig offers protection from potential collisions. Remember, in any breakdown scenario, vigilance is key. Stay in your vehicle and promptly call for towing assistance.

At Big Rig Towing, our team is not only adept in traffic safety and recovery but also at ensuring the well-being of both our staff and customers during breakdown situations.

We can respond quickly to your location and provide you with the towing and recovery services you need, no matter the weather or time of day or night. For prompt assistance, reach us toll-free at 1 (866) 398-7444. Stay safe, stay informed.


Accidents can happen even with the best safety protocols in place

While many might assume that the primary dangers of trucking involve road conditions and weather, the reality is that even factors like load shifting can pose significant risks. A seemingly innocent event like a load of sand and gravel shifting can throw a heavy truck off balance, leading to potentially dangerous situations such as tipping over.

In such precarious circumstances, the expertise of Big Rig Towing becomes invaluable. Our team comprises highly qualified and certified technicians who specialize in the intricate logistics of lifting and recovering heavy machinery post-incident. Whether it’s a flipped truck or any other heavy-duty recovery scenario, we prioritize swift and safe resolutions.

Available around the clock, Big Rig Towing stands ready to assist with any heavy-duty towing and recovery needs. If you find yourself in need of services, don’t hesitate to reach out at 1 (866) 398-7444. Whether day or night, we’re committed to ensuring your safety and getting you back on track.

How does air cushion recovery work?

When it comes to towing heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and equipment, specialized expertise and equipment are essential for a safe and efficient recovery process. Big Rig Towing provides an innovative solution: air cushion recovery. This modern technique is specifically designed for up-righting rolled over trucks and trailers, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Air cushion recovery involves placing large inflatable cushions strategically under the overturned vehicle. Using an air compressor, these cushions are gradually inflated, which allows the vehicle to be slowly lifted off the ground. This allows a crane to smoothly upright the truck or trailer for transport.

Compared to traditional methods, air cushion recovery offers several advantages. It significantly reduces recovery time since the cushions can be inflated quickly. Additionally, there’s no need to unload cargo beforehand as the cushions are positioned to avoid damage.

Moreover, air cushion recovery is versatile, enabling vehicle removal in tight corners or challenging terrains. The cushions’ flexibility allows for precise positioning, ensuring a balanced lift.

At Big Rig Towing, we provide 24/7 assistance for all heavy-duty towing needs. For towing inquiries or to explore our services further, reach out to us at 1 (866) 398-7444. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

More than just a breakdown rescue service

At Big Rig Towing & Recovery, we take immense pride in offering more than just your typical breakdown rescue service. As seasoned heavy haulers, we have the robust towing equipment at our disposal necessary to handle a diverse array of hefty loads.

Our sterling reputation in the realm of heavy lifting and transportation speaks volumes about our expertise. Collaborating closely with a team of highly skilled drivers and certified technicians, renowned for their reliability and extensive experience in managing heavy-duty towing and recovery operations, we ensure top-notch service every time.

When it comes to the transportation of heavy equipment, look no further than Big Rig Towing. Our services are available 24/7 to cater to all your heavy-duty towing and recovery needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1 (866) 398-7444, and allow us to take care of the heavy lifting for you. Your satisfaction and peace of mind remain our utmost priorities.

Proper Load Securement Matters & Ensures Safe Transport

When it comes to trucking safety, the peril doesn’t solely lurk in treacherous road conditions or unpredictable weather. Sometimes, it boils down to a fundamental aspect, that is, securely tying down your load.

How often have you witnessed a mammoth truck grappling with a massive load, precariously navigating through tight corners, seemingly on the verge of tipping over? Or a flatbed carrying a load wider than its surface, clearly off-center? While tying down the cargo is crucial, its initial placement holds equal importance; improper positioning can spell trouble down the road.

Consider the scenario where a hefty 65,000-pound steel coil shifts during transport. Big Rig Towing faced this formidable challenge, skillfully hoisting the coil from its deck and delicately transferring it to another trailer. This task isn’t for the faint-hearted, but expertise prevailed. Big Rig understood the significance of employing the right tie-downs and securing the load adeptly to prevent shifting, maintaining optimal center of balance throughout the journey.

Should you encounter a load in jeopardy, taking risks isn’t an option. Reach out to Big Rig Towing & Recovery promptly at (866) 398-7444 for immediate assistance. We’re your reliable allies, committed to ensuring safe transport.

Uprighting overturned heavy-duty trucks and equipment

The utilization of air cushion recovery represents a significant advancement in the process of uprighting rolled-over heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and equipment. Big Rig Towing demonstrated this innovation by providing air cushion recovery services during the rescue and recovery operations time and time again.

In this type of rescue and recovery, large inflatable air cushions are strategically positioned beneath the overturned vehicle. With the aid of an air compressor, these cushions gently elevate the weighty load, facilitating a seamless transition to an upright position, preparing it for transport.

The benefits of air cushion recovery are abundant. Firstly, it’s remarkably time-efficient. The swift inflation of the cushions expedites the entire recovery process. Additionally, it eliminates the necessity to unload cargo before lifting the truck, preserving cargo integrity, especially crucial for hazardous or delicate freight.

This method excels in challenging terrains or tight corners where traditional recovery methods may falter. The adaptable placement of cushions ensures a controlled and balanced lift in any scenario.

For all heavy-duty and emergency towing needs, count on Big Rig Towing, available 24/7. Contact us promptly at 1 (866) 398-7444 for expert assistance. Your recovery is our utmost priority!


Towing Solutions Beyond Big Rigs

At Big Rig Towing & Recovery, our expertise extends far beyond just towing big rigs. While our name may suggest a focus on heavy-duty vehicles, we want you to know that we are your go-to professionals for moving any sizable load with precision and care.

Don’t let the name limit your expectations. Big Rig Towing has successfully transported a variety of heavy loads, showcasing our commitment to providing comprehensive towing solutions. No matter the size or weight, we take pride in delivering top-notch towing and recovery services that prioritize safety and security.

When it comes to moving the heavy stuff, think beyond conventional towing services. Trust Big Rig Towing & Recovery to handle your unique transportation needs with the same professionalism and care that we bring to towing big rigs. Contact us for a reliable and expert solution to your heavy hauling requirements.
To reach us toll free, call 1 (866) 398-7444.

24/7 service dedicated to all heavy-duty towing and recovery needs

This beautiful new rig slid into a ditch with it’s load of plywood. Once again, Big Rig Towing to the rescue! Fortunately, the best news was that no one was hurt in the mishap. The rig was safely and efficiently pulled up and out and hauled to the shop for repair. Wasn’t long after rescue that it was back out on the road.

Stay secure on the road this winter with Big Rig Towing & Recovery’s 24/7 service. We’re committed to addressing all heavy-duty towing and recovery needs, ensuring your safety anytime, anywhere. Keep our toll-free number handy for quick response to unpredictable winter conditions. Your safety is our top priority.

To reach us toll free, call 1 (866) 398-7444

Dependable Heavy Lifting Solutions

When faced with the challenge of a hefty lifting task, look no further than Big Rig Towing & Recovery. We specialize in heavy lifting, a daily feat accomplished with the assistance of our top-notch rigs equipped with heavy-duty rotator cranes capable of hoisting virtually anything. Our swift response time and efficient setup ensure that we can be at your location promptly, ready to tackle the job regardless of the weather conditions.

Our skilled drivers and operators are well-equipped to handle a variety of towing and recovery services, including but not limited to:

  • Damage-Free Under Reach Towing
  • Trailer Lifts
  • Coach, Motor Home, and Bus Towing and Hauling
  • Winching
  • Tractor Swaps
  • Tractor Service
  • 12 and 24 Volt Boosts
  • Crane Service

The expertise of our rotator operators can significantly expedite and secure the resolution of your towing needs, ensuring a quick and safe outcome.

For immediate, around-the-clock service, don’t hesitate to call Big Rig Towing & Recovery Toll-Free at 1 (866) 398-7444. We’re here to provide reliable solutions whenever you need them.

Leading the Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Industry

Big Rig Towing & Recovery stands is a dependable and experienced company exclusively dedicated to the heavy-duty towing and recovery industry. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our specialized services, emphasizing heavy lifting and intricate rescue operations. Our fleet of rigs is equipped with heavy-duty rotator cranes, and we possess the capability to lift a diverse range of objects, ensuring a swift and secure resolution to towing challenges.

What sets us apart is the expertise of our rotator operators, who bring a wealth of experience to every operation. This ensures that towing situations are not only handled promptly but also with the highest regard for safety. We understand the urgency that can accompany these situations, especially in frigid and dangerous winter conditions, and our team is geared to respond to your location with minimal setup time.

At Big Rig Towing & Recovery, safety is paramount. All our operators hold Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification, having successfully completed our rigorous four-step training program. Moreover, our fleet of trucks is Alberta Safety Certified, reinforcing our commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards.

Should you find yourself in a precarious situation requiring a reliable heavy lifting solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to Big Rig Towing at 1 (866) 398-7444. We’re just a call away, ready to assist you, regardless of the time or location.