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Big Rig EmergencyHow many trucks get stuck in the ditch every year because they failed to negotiate a corner correctly or underestimated the steepness of the curb? That would certainly be an interesting statistic.

If you drive professionally, it seems safety and knowing your route, environment, and ultimately cornering, would be the most important aspects of driving a big rig.

This flatbed was transporting a farm sprayer when it pulled over to let a car pass. Yikes — a couple more inches and this could have been a complete rollover.

Big Rig Towing pulls its fair share of hapless rigs and their helpless cargo from southern Alberta ditches. The only good thing about so much practice is that you get really expert at recovery when you do it so often.

Keep Big Rig’s number – 1 (866) 398-7444 – on hand and call for IMMEDIATE 24/7 service if you find yourself in an emergency situation! 

Peat Moss Roll Over

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When this rig full of peat moss went of the highway and rolled there wasn’t much left to save. The peat moss went on to it’s destination but this rig was down and out.

Big Rig Towing did the clean up of the scene and got the wreck to the yard.

Off Ramp Rollover

Many times weather and to much speed are the main elements that cause accidents. In this case watch while a rig with just enough speed coupled with inclement weather loses control on an off ramp and hits the ditch.

Big Rig Rollover

Hay Baled

You can never emphasize enough what can happen when you combine too much speed with a tight corner. This 6000 lb load of hay really took a tumble after trying to take a corner with too much speed. Fortunately no one was injured but that is not always the case.

This took more than a tow and a couple of repairs to clean up.

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Big Rig Training

Towing Big Rig Trucks isn’t always just pulling a truck because of engine failure or mechanical breakdown or winching one from a ditch full of snow or mud because of a missed turn or slippery road conditions. A lot of the times conditions are dangerous with the  need to save cargo and sometimes humans involved in high speed or unusual circumstances. Drivers have to be on high alert. Not just for them selves but for their machinery and anyone else involved in a crash.

That is why Big Rig Towing spends time training for every scenario imaginable and participating at the Global Training Center in Strathmore Alberta keeps their skill set up to standards that far exceed other towing companies.

When a tow gets challenging Big Rig drivers have the skill to get the job done.

Big Rig Training

Speed Rolls

It always comes down to how fast your going. This rig rolled because of excessive speed. When you have 40,000 lbs on board one small move and it’s a disaster. Fortunately no one was hurt and Big Rig Towing got the rig back on its wheels and off to repair.

Big Rig Towing

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Rescue, Recover, Towing

Towing is defined as the process of coupling one object to another, so that one can be pulled along behind the other. It is commonly used to describe the moving of, or in the seizure of, a vehicle.

In Big Rig Towing’s case the terms recovery or rescue is also used along with towing.

Sometimes the recovery of a big rig is not about hooking it up and getting it to repair but more about the logistics of recovering the rig after it has left the road. A somewhat more dangerous scenario than towing a vehicle that is still on its wheels.

Big Rig Towing makes hundreds of these rescue, recoveries every year and while they all present individual challenges they are all resolved at the end of the day.

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A Blast From The Past

Calgary Floods RescueThis week we are bringing some images of rescues from the past. There is always a picture for every tow and every picture tells a story.

Big Rig Towing prides its self on its record for recovery and safety.

Big Rig Towing. Problem Solved.




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Chasing Your Tail

Big Rig Towing RescueWhen this rig went off the road it ended up looking like a dog chasing its tail.

Fortunately no one was injured and Big Rig Towing used its seventy five ton rotator to separate and lift the pieces for towing.

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