Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

D9 CatThe D9 Cat is an awesome 23 feet of earth moving bulldozer. Weighing in at anywhere from 8 to 104 tons, this giant can go almost any were and move almost anything. However that kind of weight can also sink pretty fast into mud or soft earth if not kept on the move when trying to plow through it.

It isn’t very often you need help to get this cat out of the mud but every now and then even the D9 can get in over its head.

Two of our biggest rigs had a hard time to get this cat unstuck and back to work.

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No Dumping

Roll OverIt’s truly is amazing that no one was badly injured in this wreck.

This set of super B’s rolled over on highway 797 north of Langdon.
The driver broke his collar bone but the truck ended up with a lot more damage.
So much for a brand new 2016 Kenworth.

The biggest challenge for Big Rig Towing on this rescue was cleaning up the construction garbage.

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Flood Damage

Not all towing is confined to broken down or rolled rigs. Sometimes heavy equipment has been damaged and needs the towing power of a big diesel to move it.

Last year’s floods in Calgary not only caused millions of dollars in personal and commercial damage but many vehicles were destroyed as well.

Some of these machines are still in need of rescue and transport a year later.
This earth mover was caught by rising water and suffered catastrophic engine damage.

There is only one way to move something this big.

Big Rig Towing brought in the heavy crane and got it safely stored on this trailer for transport.


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