Vulcan Heavy Recovery Mission

No, the Big Rig Towing crew did not just hop some intergalactic flight to tow an Andromeda class star ship off some rocky outcropping on the mysterious planet Vulcan.

In reality they were in the small town of Vulcan, Alberta assisting the local fire department with heavy recovery exercises.

This is an ongoing training program that not only keeps the crews at Big Rig practiced up for those occasions when heavy lifting is required but it also performs a community service for fire departments around Alberta.

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Snocoach Repair

There are some big jobs that you wouldn’t think would be a part of your company mandate. But that is the great thing about Big Rig Towing. We have the philosophy that where there’s a will there’s a way.

A Snowcoach is a specialized passenger transport vehicle, designed to operate over snow or ice. These vehicles have multiple sets of very large low pressure tires or snow tracks. These vehicles can seat as many as ten or more passengers and are often used for sightseeing tours or for over-snow transportation like a tour of the Columbia ice fields in Banff National Park.

This Snowcoach was in need of a complete overhaul and Big Rig used their rotator crane to lift the body off the chassis so both could be rebuilt and put back into service.

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Crane VS Crane

Because we are called Big Rig Towing that’s mostly what we do. But it’s not all that we do.

Big Rig Towing can do anything that a heavy crane can do and more.

In this case we needed to load four cranes onto a truck for transport. Our 75 ton rotator crane made quick work of the job.

We don’t tow cars but if it’s a big rig, truck or something that’s heavy enough to need a crane, we can get the job done.

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How to Crane a Crane

Big Rig Towing CranesWhat do you do when your crane gets blown over? Get more cranes of course.
Big Rig Towing used two of their biggest cranes to right this one when it was blown over in recent high winds.
The job was a little tricker than it looked but Big Rig takes great pains to update and train their operators for just this type of situation.
Stay tuned to watch some of Big Rigs training courses coming to YouTube next month.


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