Continuing Education

For any Heavy Duty tow truck operator continued education is a must. At Big Rig Towing the staff goes through extensive training every year to become familiar with new technology and techniques that apply to towing heavy equipment and rigs.

Here are a few interesting shots from a recent program on safety at the Global Training Centre near Calgary.

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Big Rig Towing & Recovery to the Rescue

Run Away CatThe city of Calgary called Big Rig Towing to recover this Cat 980 that some kids decided would be a good vehicle to take for a joy ride.

After losing control on a downhill they ended up in the ditch on their side.

After other attempts to rescue the Cat, Big Rig Towing was called. Because we have a 75 Ton Sliding Rotator and more than one 50 ton wrecker we can do some of the big jobs that others cannot.

This Cat weighed 70,000 lbs but was soon back on its wheels. Unfortunately with $100,000 in damages.

Once again, Big Rig Towing & Recovery to the rescue.


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