Armored Truck Roll Over

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It doesn’t matter how great a driver you are or the weather conditions. Accidents happen.

When this armored truck flipped over while avoiding interfering traffic it took more than a typical tow truck to right it.

With these vehicles sometimes topping out at 55,000 pounds, over 27 tons only a heavy duty tow truck like the ones used by Big Rig Towing can do the job.

Fortunately no one was injured and the armored truck was rescued.


Vulcan Heavy Recovery Mission

No, the Big Rig Towing crew did not just hop some intergalactic flight to tow an Andromeda class star ship off some rocky outcropping on the mysterious planet Vulcan.

In reality they were in the small town of Vulcan, Alberta assisting the local fire department with heavy recovery exercises.

This is an ongoing training program that not only keeps the crews at Big Rig practiced up for those occasions when heavy lifting is required but it also performs a community service for fire departments around Alberta.

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Android or iPhone Towing App

Clipboard01Now it’s even easier to get your android or iPhone Big Rig Towing app. Just scan the qr code either with your android or your iPhone and you will be taken to the appropriate app store for your free download.

This is a great app for anyone who drives for a living. Don’t get stuck without it.

iPhone app Quick Call Towing

Big Rig iPhone AppIf you’re a driver there is nothing more important than quick reliable towing service.

What if you had a phone app that could not only call a reliable towing company 24/7 but also give you your Google Map position, a safety check list and a place to take notes all at the same time?

Well there is. Get the Big Rig Towing phone app for either android or iPhone.

Just click on the link in our sidebar to download you android app or search on your android product phone or tab.

For iPhone just search Big Rig Towing in the app store to download your app or in iTunes on your computer.

Don’t get stuck without it.