Sometimes You Gotta Be Lucky

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Sometimes you just gotta be lucky. This rig used up lottery luck when it ended up hanging from an overpass near Lake Louise.

Fortunately no one was injured and flying debris from the trailer missed a passing freight train.

Big Rig Towing was called to the scene and was able to haul the damaged rig, using it’s seventy five ton rotator, back onto the highway so it could be loaded onto a flat deck and taken back to Calgary.

Who You Gonna Call?

If you drive a rig, a heavy equipment truck or any other piece of equipment that might require something bigger than your average tow truck to get you out of trouble, why not have a reputable big rig towing company at your finger tips.

Down load our mobile app that will get you immediate help from Alberta’s largest heavy duty towing and recovery company.

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Against The Grain

This is not the way to off load grain. Big Rig Towing was called out to separate these tow trucks and handle the clean up of a significant amount of grain spilled in the right hand lane of the highway.

Big Rig Towing is constantly honing their clean up skills and can handle dangerous goods as well as the occasional grain spill.

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Eggs Over Easy

You know the old saying, you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs? Well these guys took it just a bit too far. This rig got just enough of the road to cause it to flip spilling thousands of eggs onto the road side. It’s an easy breakfast day for the local wild life.

Big Rig Towing got the call to help get the rig back on its feet but all the kings horses couldn’t keep the cargo from being spoiled.



Pick Em Up, Put Em Down

When you have a 75 ton rotator you can pick up just about anything. Still, it takes an expert to do the job right.

Got a heavy lifting job? Give us call (403) 444-0009

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Crane VS Crane

Because we are called Big Rig Towing that’s mostly what we do. But it’s not all that we do.

Big Rig Towing can do anything that a heavy crane can do and more.

In this case we needed to load four cranes onto a truck for transport. Our 75 ton rotator crane made quick work of the job.

We don’t tow cars but if it’s a big rig, truck or something that’s heavy enough to need a crane, we can get the job done.

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Harvest 1 – Combine 0

It doesn’t matter how many improvements you make to machines there is always going to be something. You can improve functionality you can include air and wifi and bluetooth but one thing you really can never foresee is how that equipment will deal with mother nature.

This beautiful new combine forgot that it could still get stuck in the mud.

Big Rig Towing got her out and back in the field in no time.

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Train Wreck

Train WreckWhen talking about a collision between a train and a big rig it’s never good. Big Rig Towing was called to the scene of this encounter which required not only the recovery of the rig but extensive clean up after the rigs contents were strewn for half a kilometer down the track.



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