Alberta Recognizes Military Licences for Trucking

military vehiclesAccording to Today’s Trucking online magazine, Alberta’s Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation announced his government will now begin to recognize the DND 404 military driver’s permit.

This allows for the awarding of the civilian equivalent commercial licence to serving and recently retired vets who had a valid DND 404 within the qualifying timeframe.

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Calgary’s ZOOLIGHTS is back again!

zoolights-e1448494757412Head down to the Calgary Zoo this weekend for some family fun…it’s the perfect way to jump-start the holiday season!

At ZOOLIGHTS you and your kids and friends will be delighted to see over 1.5 million lights in an amazing light display flashing to music.

Calgary’s ZOOLIGHTS has become a favourite holiday tradition and a great way to kick off the holiday season for kids of all ages!

Dress up warm and join us at the Zoo by the fire pits for a hot chocolate and enjoy many other Christmas season activities like caroling, skating, snow bowling, and even building your own igloo, to name a few!
Event Details

November 27 – January 2
6 pm – 9 pm nightly

General Admission (16+): $14
Children: $11
Calgary’s ZOOLIGHTS – A Family Tradition

Bring the whole family and your holiday guests to experience ZOOLIGHTS 2015!

More Than Just Towing

When you say Big Rig Towing you immediately think of big trucks and trailers being pulled out of ditches or hooked up to other big trucks to be towed but that’s not always the case.
Sometimes things just fall off trucks or a corner taken too fast results in whatever load is being transported catapulted onto the side of the road or worse into the middle of the road.
Big Rig has the capability of managing any of these scenarios and regularly practices for just these situations.
Like this big excavator that lost it’s way.

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Not a Gas Saver

bigrigtowingNot all Big Rig Towing’s calls are for difficult roll overs or impossibly stuck rigs. Sometimes we a called to lift heavy items from one place to another with our 75 ton Rotator other times to assist in training exercises for our fire and police departments.
Once in a while we get a plain old mechanical failure that leaves someone stranded. This however is not how you want to save gas or see the mountains on your family vacation. That being said we have rescue vehicles designed for every occasion.
Get our app and get an immediate response whatever or wherever your breakdown.

Big Rig Towing

At Big Rig Towing we are always working to help our customers get to know us. We hope our new video will give you a little more insight into who we are and how we can help you with your towing needs.

Learn About Big Rig Towing.

Learn about Big Rig Towing


Fall back on Halloween…

Time to turn the clocks back.As the saying goes, spring forward, fall back…

Don’t forget to turn back your clocks this weekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep Saturday night!

“Daylight Savings Time” is a way of making better use of the daylight in the evenings by setting the clocks forward one hour during the longer days of summer, and back again in the fall.

Daylight savings time will end with a “fall back” to standard time on Sunday November 1, at 2:00 a.m.

And, Happy Halloween…

If you’re a kid or a kid at heart who gets an adrenaline rush out of being scared to death, check out Fright Nights Halloween Events Guide. You will experience haunted houses, Halloween themed carnival games, creepy and disturbing entertainment, and FEAR.

Chasing Your Tail

Big Rig Towing RescueWhen this rig went off the road it ended up looking like a dog chasing its tail.

Fortunately no one was injured and Big Rig Towing used its seventy five ton rotator to separate and lift the pieces for towing.

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Chicken on the Way

Big Rig Towing Chicken Roll OverWhen this trailer full of 35,000 chickens rolled over this was not only a truck recovery but a rescue mission as well.
Most of the trapped birds were still alive and had to be extracted from the trailer before it could be set upright for transport and the birds could be sent on to their destination.
Another feather in the Big Rig Towing cap.

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Double Decker Burn Out

Big Rig Towing Double Decker Burn OutThis double decker city bus had an engine fire that rendered it unusable. The bus was initially towed back to the contractor’s yard.  Big Rig Collision in Calgary was contracted to do the repair work and they hired us to bring it back. The rear tires were burned off and the air system was completely distroyed so the bus had to be flat towed from Sherwood Park to Calgary. The journey was made even longer as bridge heights in Edmonton made the cross city drive a nine hour adventure.

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