With Big Rig you’re in good hands

How many trucks get stuck in the ditch each year because they failed to negotiate a corner correctly or under estimated the steepness of the curb? Hmmm, that would be an interesting statistic. You  would think that cornering and knowing your pre-trip route, conditions, and environment would be a critical aspect of big rig training and licensing before you’re hired to drive one of these big old  beasts!

When you call Big Rig Towing & Recovery you’ll be in good capable hands. Big Rig Towing & Recovery is dedicated solely to the heavy duty towing and recovery industry. We are licensed and insured so rest assured that while your property is in our control it is covered by the most comprehensive insurance available to our industry.

 Each one of our operators has a minimum 18 years experience in the heavy duty towing and recovery industry, one of which is a principle of the company. All operators have Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification and have completed our four-step training program, and all of our trucks are Alberta Safety Certified.

To reach us toll free, call 1 (866) 398-7444.