Is your load tied down securely?

The danger in trucking doesn’t always lay with poor road conditions or weather. It can be as simple as just not tying down your load properly.

How many times have you seen a big truck with an even bigger load trying to negotiate around a tight corner looking like it was going to topple over? Or a flat deck with a load wider than the deck and not looking like it was centered? You can tie it down, but if it’s not in the right place to begin with you’re going to have problems.

Big Rig Towing lifted this heavy 65,000 pound steel coil from it’s deck after it shifted during transport. Not an easy task to pick it up and transfer it to another trailer. Time to call the experts. Big Rig knew which tie-downs to use and how to safely strap down the load so it doesn’t shift or affect your centre of balance as you travel on to your destination.

In the event you find your load in trouble, don’t risk it. Call Big Rig Towing & Recovery at (866) 398-7444 for immediate service. We’re here to help.