Uprighting overturned heavy-duty trucks and equipment

The utilization of air cushion recovery represents a significant advancement in the process of uprighting rolled-over heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and equipment. Big Rig Towing demonstrated this innovation by providing air cushion recovery services during the rescue and recovery operations time and time again.

In this type of rescue and recovery, large inflatable air cushions are strategically positioned beneath the overturned vehicle. With the aid of an air compressor, these cushions gently elevate the weighty load, facilitating a seamless transition to an upright position, preparing it for transport.

The benefits of air cushion recovery are abundant. Firstly, it’s remarkably time-efficient. The swift inflation of the cushions expedites the entire recovery process. Additionally, it eliminates the necessity to unload cargo before lifting the truck, preserving cargo integrity, especially crucial for hazardous or delicate freight.

This method excels in challenging terrains or tight corners where traditional recovery methods may falter. The adaptable placement of cushions ensures a controlled and balanced lift in any scenario.

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