Proper Load Securement Matters & Ensures Safe Transport

When it comes to trucking safety, the peril doesn’t solely lurk in treacherous road conditions or unpredictable weather. Sometimes, it boils down to a fundamental aspect, that is, securely tying down your load.

How often have you witnessed a mammoth truck grappling with a massive load, precariously navigating through tight corners, seemingly on the verge of tipping over? Or a flatbed carrying a load wider than its surface, clearly off-center? While tying down the cargo is crucial, its initial placement holds equal importance; improper positioning can spell trouble down the road.

Consider the scenario where a hefty 65,000-pound steel coil shifts during transport. Big Rig Towing faced this formidable challenge, skillfully hoisting the coil from its deck and delicately transferring it to another trailer. This task isn’t for the faint-hearted, but expertise prevailed. Big Rig understood the significance of employing the right tie-downs and securing the load adeptly to prevent shifting, maintaining optimal center of balance throughout the journey.

Should you encounter a load in jeopardy, taking risks isn’t an option. Reach out to Big Rig Towing & Recovery promptly at (866) 398-7444 for immediate assistance. We’re your reliable allies, committed to ensuring safe transport.