Big Rig Towing to the rescue 24/7

If you’ve inadvertently ended up off the hardtop and are carrying a heavy load, you’re likely in trouble!

Spring snow and rain can make roadsides and fields soft and wet, turning them into mud traps. If your rig gets stuck in the mud, it can be a real hair puller to get it “unstuck”.

Mud likes to suck in and trap axles from forward or backward movement. When you spin the tires in an attempt to free them, they will only sink the truck further and deeper into the mud and make the situation worse. You can try to dig some mud from the front end of the leading wheels and then nudge the rig forward slowly until you gain solid ground, but if that fails you can save yourself a whole lot of effort and back pain by contacting the professionals. Big Rig Towing is available 24/7 to come to the rescue.

In the image below this trailer slid off the road loaded with a 40,000 lb packer. Big Rig lifted both the machine and the trailer, placed them back on the road, and got them back on their way safely and quickly.

If you find yourself in a desperate situation give us a shout at 1 (866) 398-7444 for immediate service!