Not a rig but need a tow?

You’d be surprised what Big Rig Towing & Recovery can tow!

Towing is the process of coupling one object to another, so that one can be pulled along behind the other. The towing source (lead object) is usually a truck or other motorized land vehicle. The coupling may consist of a chain, rope, bar, integrated platform, or some other means of keeping the two objects together while in motion. – Wikipedia

Big Rig Towing often has to make use of its 75-ton rotator to lift overturned trailers and many other heavy objects related to rig accidents. So that being said, not just cars and trucks can be towed, but almost anything that will move can be towed.

Remember though, that not all vehicles are made to tow and the safety considerations of properly towing another vehicle or object cannot be understated. When in doubt, hire a professional.

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