Heavy Extrication Training Symposium

On October 22 & 23, 2016 the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association instructors hosted heavy extrication training for the members of the Canada Task Force 2.

This 2 day theory and hands on course was designed to allow students to think outside the box, apply their skill and knowledge to real world extrication situations when dealing with large scale truck and trailers, bridge collapse incidents etc.

Assisting in the program was Big Rig Towing.

The students worked hand in hand with the tow operators to carefully extract patients from inside the crushed vehicles in these extremely precarious scenarios.

By the end of the course many students were at the helm working the controls of Big Rig Towing’s heavy wreckers under the watchful eye of the company’s owner Rick Paley

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Big RIg Heavy Extrication Training Symposium