Big Rig Towing in Any Heavy Towing Situation

At Big Rig Towing we don’t tow cars, but we do extract and tow or transport heavy equipment and other heavy objects that require rescue.

Often heavy machinery like tractors or cement mixers get stuck or have mechanical issues. Often other other unrelated items such as box cars or metal containers need lifted and moved.

Any of these scenarios are a part of what Big Rig Towing does best, tow heavy trucks, transport trailers, big rigs, transport trucks, 18-wheelers and large equipment.

If you’re in a precarious position and need a heavy lifting solution, you should definitely call Big Rig Towing at 1 (866) 398-7444. We can be at your location quickly and with minimal set-up time. Our experienced drivers and operators can get the job done in snow, sleet, rain or shine.