When to Use a Sand Wedge

Sand WedgePositioning a load is critical. Too much weight on one side or the other can have catastrophic consequences.

This truck hauling sand had its hydraulics literally pulled out from under it when the sand shifted causing the dump bed to twist away from the frame and turn the trailer over.

Big Rig Towing made quick work righting and getting the broken pieces back to the shop for repair.

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Never Dig a Hole To Deep

Sometimes you just can’t dig yourself out of a hole.

It’s bad enough that you’re stuck but when you’re stuck in a hole that has a gas line at the bottom of it that can lead to some serious consequences.

This flatbed accidentally backed into a trench that was running gas lines to some new construction.

This is where Big Rig Towing’s extensive training in gas and flammable situations can make the difference between getting a rig out of trouble and back on the road or not.

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Big Rig Technology

iPhone & Android Towing AppBig Rig Towing keeps a consistent program of maintenance that goes beyond the normal 20 point inspection.

Our commitment to being ready and able to do any type of towing job no matter what the circumstances is what make us great.

We also know that staying on top of technology to improve our success rate doesn’t end with having the latest equipment. We also stay on top of trends and software to get to you quickly when you’re in trouble.

Now no matter what kind of phone you own you can download our quick response app free just by scanning this barcode. Alternatively you can click on any of the methods on our home page to download you app.

Android or iPhone Towing App

Clipboard01Now it’s even easier to get your android or iPhone Big Rig Towing app. Just scan the qr code either with your android or your iPhone and you will be taken to the appropriate app store for your free download.

This is a great app for anyone who drives for a living. Don’t get stuck without it.

FREE Big Rig Towing APP

big-rig-towing-phone-appIf you drive a rig or any large vehicle for that matter why wouldn’t you have an app on your phone for that one time you end up in need of a tow.

A little bit of prevention goes a long way and oh yea, did we mention it’s free?

The Big Rig Towing app is available on the App Store for iphone and iPad as well as the droid store or you can download it from our website for any other phone.

Don’t leave home without it on your phone.

Grain Dust Can Explode

saving the grain big rig towingIt’s a well-known fact that grain dust can explode. That’s why you have to be extremely careful when transporting and transferring any grain from one place to another.

This truck was loaded with grain when it went off the road and got stuck. Its contents had to be transferred to another truck before it could be towed out of the ditch.

You can see by the cloud of grain dust that Big Rig Towing had to be very careful with this tow and recovery.

Down Like a Sack of Potatoes

There really isn’t much you can do when your trailer literally rips in half. You just got to call for a tow and start picking up the pieces.

This truck had 80.000lbs of Potatoes on it when it broke in half. The contents were laboriously loaded onto another trailer for delivery before the two halves could be craned from the scene by Big Rig Towing.

This scene reminds me of an old Harry Chapin song involving Scranton, Pennsylvania and another load of ill-fated goods. I think in that case it was bananas.

Potato rig rescue Potato rig rescue

iPhone app Quick Call Towing

Big Rig iPhone AppIf you’re a driver there is nothing more important than quick reliable towing service.

What if you had a phone app that could not only call a reliable towing company 24/7 but also give you your Google Map position, a safety check list and a place to take notes all at the same time?

Well there is. Get the Big Rig Towing phone app for either android or iPhone.

Just click on the link in our sidebar to download you android app or search on your android product phone or tab.

For iPhone just search Big Rig Towing in the app store to download your app or in iTunes on your computer.

Don’t get stuck without it.

The Big Rig Towing Phone App

iphoneappIf you drive big trucks this phone app is critical.

Big trucks, rigs and transports take a pretty good pounding every day. Eventually they will break down, get stuck or go off the road.

When this happens wouldn’t it be a good idea to have an app on your phone that gives you immediate access to a professional towing company? One that does nothing but tow big rigs and trucks.

Not only does this app give you immediate access to Big Rig Towing but also gives you your GPS coordinates so you know exactly where you are in the world and an emergency check list if needed.

Both Droid and iPhone apps are free. The iPhone app can be accessed on the App Store or through the App Store in iTunes. Just type Big Rig Towing in the search box. The Droid app can be accessed through the droid app store or through Google play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a898design.bigrigdialer

Quick Professional towing in one easy app.

Big Rig Towing

Towing Your Home

Class A TowingWhen your house is on wheels and your house breaks down, you want to make sure you get someone who has towed a house before. These days’ big Class A Motor Homes are like houses so if you have a problem you want to be sure you get the right person for the job.

Fortunately Big Rig Towing has had lots of practice at towing this size of Motor Home. Last year we even helped Cher when her tour bus broke down in Calgary.

Leave it to us when you have a big home rescue problem.